Portrait of Luke - Clairvoyant Consultant

You may have heard of Luke through a friend or a loved one

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Whichever way you look at it fate has led you to this precise destination

Clairvoyant Luke Quadrelli

Luke Quadrelli has been helping thousands of his clients nationally and internationally over the last 30 years. In Luke's readings, he gives insight through the use of his clairvoyant abilities, on present and future events.

He is able to read photographs, see auras and consolidate with the Tarot. With his gifts, he can offer clarity, purpose and a spiritual sense of well being which can help you understand yourself in a deeper way. It may validate where you are heading in life and help you get back on track, giving you confirmation and peace of mind. A clairvoyant reading with Luke can help you to obtain those goals.

Luke has opened The Rendezvous Tea Room where you can enjoy morning or afternoon tea before your reading, or book here for a long distance reading.

Thank you for viewing this site, and no doubt Luke will be looking forward to reading for you in the near future.

As Luke's motto goes: "Your future is my business"

Online or Brisbane Clairvoyant Readings

We live in a time where change occurs on a daily basis, and a myriad of events clamour to fill our days.

You may be sitting there wondering to yourself, what's around the corner for me? Is my relationship going to improve? Will my present circumstances change at work? Am I going to be financial?

Well, Luke has been helping his clients here and abroad with precisely those questions.